Special Discussion on World Science Day for Peace and Development

Guest Prof. Dr. Shahid Mahmood Baig, Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation and Engr. Farid Bakhtiyar, Senior Research Officer, Pakistan Council for Science & Technology. Listen Here

First Industrial National Innovation Survey (FINIS) Launched in Pakistan (Read More.......)

Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST); an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology mandated to advice the government on science, technology and innovation policy issues, has launched the First Industrial National Innovation Survey (FINIS) in the country.

Important Technical Reports

Planning and Development of Civil R&D Potential [2013]
11th Five Year Plan 2013-18 for MoST Organizations [2013]
Science and Technology & Innovation Strategy- 2014-18 [2013]
Science and Technology Panorama of Pakistan [2012]
National Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy - 2012 [2012]
A Report on Manpower and Budget Status of R&D Organizations in Agriculture Sector of Pakistan [2001]
Assessment of National R&D Expenditure (Non-Classified) of Pakistan [2001]
R&D Related Development Projects of Different Organizations of the Federal Ministries – Their Size and Share in the Public Sector Development Programmes (PSDP) 1991-2000 [2001]
Trends in Scientific Research in Pakistan An  Analysis of Research Productivity and Quality [2001]
A Preliminary Survey of some Technology related Parameters of Industrial Sector in Pakistan [2001]
Use and Abuse of Impact   Factor and Citation Counts [2001]
Status of Technical and Vocational Education System in Pakistan [2001]
Status of Biotechnology Research in Pakistan [2009]
Status of Science & Technology Manpower in Pakistan [2009]


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National R&D Statistics Survey, 2023 (Questionnaire)

37th International Khawarazmi Award (KIA) Call for Participation

Observance & Implementation of 2% Disbility Quota

Need Assessment of S&T Human Resources for Driving Innovation and Achieving Vision 2025 (N.A.H.R)......

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STI Voice Newsletter

Science, Technology, Innovation,STI Voice, Volume 3, 2017 is now available for our readers. Click this link for further details and to download Newsletter.

Establishment of Pensioner's Cell at PCST

PCST has established Pensioner's Cell under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Aslam Tahir, CRO (PCST) for dealing with issues of pension. Click here for further details.

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